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Monika’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2007

Location: Canada

MapYay, today we get to go outside Vancouver! Uncle Eddy and aunt Meity kindly took us to Whistler & Blackcomb mountains which are glacier mountains. It only took 2 hours drive.

WOW! We arrived at the Whistler village. It's very switzerland comunity like! It has restaurants, pubs, boutiques and cute resorts! Almost all the buildings have characteristics of German/ Switzerland type of thing. There are even well known fast food selling there e.g. McDonalds, Domino, KFC & Starbucks. Almost everyone at Whistler is doing winter outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. Everyone seemed pro at it. It's as if they've been to Whistler many times before.

We rode ski lift up up up to the glacier mountain!! The ski lift was pretty open, so we were exposed to extreme cold from the mountain!! At first we got tingling in some parts of our body. As the ski lift progressively went up, our face, hands and feet eventually got frozen. It was like being inside a refrigerator! Haha. But I was not so worried about myself being frozen, because the sight of astounding pure white snow delight me! We could admire the ever so white snow below us during the ski lift. It was as if the icing sugar is being spread gracefully onto the mountain and pine trees. Just magic...

OH! We spotted a black bear while we rode the ski lift! It was on the grassy ground, looking for food. The sight of the bear excite all of us, because we've never seen animals out in public space! I also spotted a deer just behind pine trees!

After one hour riding ski lift, we finally made to the top of the Blackcomb mountain which stood 2,284 metres!!! It was a bit of blizzard up there! It was hilarious...because none of us had goggles and proper winter outfits, so we walked with our eyes closed i.e. walking blindly! Luckily there is Horstman hut where we could sheltered and drink hot chocolate.

When we came down with ski lift, we got gorgeous overview of Whistler's village!! We get to enjoy it through out the whole trip! Luckily the ski lift is moving slowly!

As soon as we arrived back at land, we gorged on Domino's Hawaian Pizzas!! The hot melty pizzas made shiver and frost in our bodies disappear instantly! It was the first time I ate pizzas without guilt!! Haha...