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Monika’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Jun 2007

Location: Canada

MapToday Mami, papi and I got a taste of rain forest scenery and crossed the swaying Capilano Suspension bridge. The bridge is made out of cedar plank that hangs 230 feet above the rushing Capilano river and forrest!! I think everyone enjoyed the unsteady swing movement of the bridge, even though they're grabbing the rope. It was funny, because it was like being on a trampoline!

After that we (me, mami, papi, uncle Eddy and aunt Meity) rode on the skyride gondolla up to the peak of Grouse mountain while absorbing the panorama view of the city, sea and mountain vistas. Once at the top we saw grizzly bears, falconry bird demonstrations and lumberjack show. I heard that in the winter you can do sleigh rides, snowshoes, ice skating, etc!! But now there are none, because there are not enough snow. =( Wow even though it's summer season, there's still a bit of snow!