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Monika’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

Location: Canada

MapAm on cruise ship to Alaska!!! Today's 3rd day on the ship. Whoah! Mami, Papi and I were treated like royalty!!! Now it's been 3 days on the Celebrity cruise. I couldn't believe that MANY could fit into the cruise ship! Such as casino, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, gym and many more. Each day there is different activities to do like poker demonstration, cooking demonstration, basketball throw, art bid, bingo game, etc!!! There is even a catholic mass at 8 am! Hehe.

When it come to eating on cruise, we couldn't control our eating!!! It's a buffet from morning to night everyday!!! Crazy! THere's everything you can think of. I mean EVERYTHING! Pizza, salad, ice cream, chinese food, Mexican tacos, sandwich, dessert, etc!!! Now I'm creeping to get sick of eating food....I heard that you can get late night snack till 3 am on cruise!!! Shocking...poor on those staffs. I wonder how on earth there is soo many foods on cruise let alone for 7 nights?! Whoo. Oh I forgot to mention tat we didn't realise there are many Indonesian working on the ship! There are at least 120 Indonesians! It kind of made us proud to see Indonesians working overseas since there are many unemployed people in Indonesia.
Haha, everytime mami, papi or me are talking in Indonesian, we would surely approached by some Indonesian staff and develop into friendly chat.

Yesterday morning, mami saw whale's tail out the window!! Sigh, she didn't wake me up...Mami only saw whale's tail at glimpse moment. Whale never come near to cruise boat, so they can only be seen at far. If you really want to spot a whale, you have to be really really patient. I couldn't....yesterday I sat near the window hoping to get a glimpse and my patience ran out in 5 minutes..haha!!

At around 2 pm, we arrived at our first Alaskan destination, Juneau. It's a capital city of Alaska! It has many souvenir shops and several pubs. Very pretty town. After exploring the small town which only took about 30 min, we went on Salmon hatchery & Mendenhall glacier tour.

Ugh, the salmon hatchery tour was a bore! Okay, move on. Our last spot was Mendenhall glacier! WOWIE! It was just magical and beyond my imagination. It just took my breath away, because I've never seen anything like it before in my life....a massive ice field flowing down the valley that ends at lake's edge. It was as if a fairy pouring ice cream down between two gorgeous mountains...ok ok that's the best description I can tell...haha. Out the lake, I could see icebergs sitting on top of it. It took 200 years for a piece of the iceberg to come out from the glacier and glide out in the lake!!!!! *Whistle*

We returned to cruise waay before 8pm, because we wouldn't like to miss our cruise. Waah, it would be a disaster to be stranded out in Alaska! Heheh. Off we go to next destination, Skagway.