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Monika’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2007

Location: Australia

MapToday's destination is the most talked about on the cruise ship, because it's Hubbard Glacier! At around breakfast time, everybody was rushing to get their place out the deck to get ready for a sight of Hubbard Glacier. Each minute go by, more people came out to be on deck. The lucky ones are the ones who already have balcony in their rooms! Meaning they don't have to compete for the best position out the deck, they already got a nice view in their room. Haha.

The cruise ship was moving slowly as not to bump into hazzard iceberg on sea. The deck was filled with hubbub of excitement as the ship creeped toward the hubbard glacier. It is an open calving face over 10 km wide between two mountains. The glacier stretches 122 km to the sea at Yakutat Bay and Disenchantment Bay. I think everyone enjoyed it very much, that all of them take photo of it. Hehe. There were lots of ooh and aah.