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Monika’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Jun 2007

Location: Australia

MapToday we went to see Columbia Icefield and passed Rocky mountains.

Inside the bus, I asked my dad "Where's the rocky mountain?" as I expected to see one huge mountain. My dad replied "These are Rocky mountains!". I looked out the window and there were rows and rows of the mountains! They looked very solid and hard, but yet beautifully and majestically stood over us while the bus drove around and around them. Some has pine trees on them. Some has none, showing sharp rocks and crusts. Some has glacier on top of them. Every view I got is like a perfect postcard! All of us sitting on the bus, admiring the unbelievable nature of Canada.

We even spotted a black bear and Caribou (moose) during the bus trip!!! I spotted an eagle just sitting on top of pine tree, where no one saw it! All of us would get excited if there's a wildlife. Haha, there was one time where the bus suddenly stopped which was usually a sign of wildlife. But it turned out to be a desk upside down on the road...=_=''Haha.

Explored Columbia Icefield by snomobile (a huuuuge truck-like coach bus). The funny thing was it broke down in the middle of the trip!!! Because our coach bus also broke down yesterday!!! Two transports broke down in two different days....haha. Thomas, our tour guide couldn't believe this unlucky hit! Haha. This time everyone laughed. In 15 min later, another snomobile picked us up to continue our journey. This snomobile moved very slowly, because we were driving on icefield.

After the Columbia Icefield we passed Banff, a beautiful town and rode on Gondolla to Sulphur Mountain. Up ther we could see everything; vistas of rocky mountains, Banff town, lake and forrest. O yeah, we saw the lazy mountain goats and adorable chipmunk (a kind of squirrel). Sigh...everything is perfect at Rockies!!!!