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Monika’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jun 2007

Location: Australia

MapWe went to Bow River Almanac, near Banff. The river was famously used as setting for "River of No Return", played by Marilyn Monroe in 1953!!! It was kinda surreal to go there where Monroe had walked before me. Hehe. Actually in the past Queen Elizabeth, Theodore Roosevelt and King George VI all had been to the river!! Yes, the river is extraordinary as it got unbeatable backdrop of glacier mountains.

NExt stop is the most beautiful chateau lake house I've ever seen! It's located riiiight at the end of Lake Louise. THis Chateau is the only only only building that is located at Lake Louise....there are no other building which made it very exclusive and posh. Yes, it would burn your wallet if you stay a night in there. Haha. Lake Louise is surrounded by majestic mountains perfectly. The lake has a deep and pure emerald colour. Imagine if the lake is frozen and you can skate right next to the glacier mountains. How blissful is that? Yes, it would become true during winter, it would become a wonderland of iceskating, ice scultpures and horse drawn sleigh rides!

Let me tell you a bit about the's been there since 1890's. Everywhere inside and outside the chateau has old accent; solid wood furniture, swiss influence, chandeliers, animal decorations, etc. The Hotel staffs even wore in Swiss costumes!

For lunch, we got to eat buffet inside the Chateau!!! We were delighted as we got the best table!!! It was facing to the Lake Louise!!! The food was delicious and gourmet! Couldn't be more happier!

After stuffing ourselves with food, dessert and drink, we went to Natural bridge, at Yoho National Park! You see, the bridge is not man made, it's rather made out of rocks. THe rocks acted as bridge over the powerful rushed waterfall. Quite magnificent it is....