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2legit2quit’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Jan 2005

Location: christchurch, New Zealand

MapHi there! hows it goin??? OK so DING round three, almost there just got oz left and we're done i sware!
OK so we arrived in Melbourne and first things first...i know i go on about the weather in places loads, but in Melbourne seriously it could have possibly been the nicest weather ever!!! nice and hot without the humidity! which was such a nice relief coming from JAY-PAN and singa let me tell you! we arrived nice and early in 'melb' got in a cab and went a travelling to our hotel, 'hotel Miami' this was NICE!!! i mean real nice!!! it turned out that despite being listed on it was a three star hotel! WHAYEEE!!! plus it was just afew minutes away from the city centre. melb as a place was pretty normal really kinda sparse suburbia that was full of character and nice people. up untilChristmass we just passed time by going to the city and going to the beach distract at St. kilda. again like the red blooded males that we are wemanagedd to squeeze a trip into town to see the local bars and clubs. courtesyy of your newAussiee friendEmilyy (and lack of a lonely planet) we had a full a full list of pubs and clubs to hit, and basically the long and short of it is st kilda presents itself as a nice strip to do a little crawl up! with that in mind we started one end and worked our way up the street! a quality little crawl that resulted in us finding possibly the funniest name of arestaurantt/shop e-e-e-ever... you ready? please be up standing for....


GET IN!!!! HOW GENIUS IS THAT???? HAHAHAHAHAAA! anyway i was saying we hit st kilda and ended up in a pretty cool little clubEmilyy recommended called 'boutique' and guess what lady luck struck once more that night! thats right you guessed itAdamm and i being the fountains of luck that we are went to this club on 80's night! and those of you who know me wellenought know that i HATE 80's cheese! but there was a silverliningg the DJ thankfully delved into theJamess brown and funk side of the 80's thatAdamm and i could relate to (let's face itAdamm and i are all about the funk!) and we had a quality night! (besides it wasChristmass eve)
coming back from the club it wasChristmass day (or Chrissy asAussiess like to call it!!) andAdamm and i had agreed to buy each other chrimbo gifts! i got him the 'jay-z Vs. pinkin lark' (linkin park) DVD/CD combo and he got me a very funky knight rider t-shirt! so as your all wondering how was ourChristmass day??? well the word is UNIQUE! sadly despite the plans it just turned out that nothing was open onChristmass and the only things that were open that were servingChrissyy meals were already fully booked so this left us thepillarr ofChristmasscuisinee...the localChinesee! that's right forChristmassAdamm and i hadChinesee take out...twice, thank you lady luck! but hey like theMurphy' know the rest...
anyway boxing day was a daychillingn likeMatttDillonn at the st kilda beach and the day after we took a domestic flight toSydneyy!
OK ya'll can switch back on now! basically inSydneyy we were able to crash at our very good friend lauraMoore'ss gaff. here we met all thesewonderfullyl people and we had a blast i really can't be bothered towritee about it now asI'mm far to cream crackered having written two entries now and my time in this cafe is about to expire, but the long and short of it is we went on bondi beach,went to the zoo, saw theSydneyyoperah house (which is more base than white), went on a cruise upSydneyy harbour for new years, hit the town a couple of times ( at which i got chucked out once!), went mountain biking and pretty much had a great time!! i will write about it at greater length, with photos, but for now let's just say that it was all gravy baby! and nowAdamm and myself are inChristchurchh newZealandd with our buddy Tim whom we met inSydneyy and we're mobile baby! that's right!!! ROAD TRIP!!!!! anywayI'lll write about that another time, so until then
take care of yourselves and each other!
Lemar & Adam