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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007

Location: Faro, Portugal

hey guys have made it to portugal and am alive!! woohoo! a chick help me find the hostel because i was totally lost out of my brains! lucky!

ireland was amazing! the tour was the funnest thing! got people to stay with in london, few aussie boys and possibly blike in scotland...dont know about him or not... but less then a month til hit the road!

so every night was drinking and shots and irish music and dancing and dance offs with locals and mad! loved every second! last night we went to town with the shots and when the pub close they sold us drinks so we kept going out side! unreal night! we have a theme song for the tour and we hit all the amazing spots in ireland!

can talk like an irsihman...but they dont like to say 'diddle-dee-potatoes!' soo also saw castles and beautiful towns and went north which was crazy the way there is the two sides! totally crazy! ill put some photos up next week some time :)

sez and i had a ball getting free drinks off random and making the best chocolate pancakes ever....hmmm

also saw a hurling match eith megen (sezzas sister) and some work mates and they are my new heros! must get some whopper brusies! ouch!

now in portugal about to hit the sun shine (yes putting on suncream!) and find some more makets...have been scared of one market man already! haha sucker thought i was going to buy something! unlucky!

ok i better explore!

whats news back home??

love you all and miss you all too!