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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Aug 2007

Location: Germany

So i'm back in Germany after an amazing two weeks holidays!!

Yes i really loved ireland and <portugal was super pretty!

I meet some really good people in Faro and Lisbon too!
So Faro had a festival on and had a really nice beach which you needed to take a boat out of the marsh to get to it! But i didnt even get burnt so im pretty happy! Did see some sea food on a plate ready to be served that was still moving....looked like snot in a hollow stick! YUCK!

so my lesson is not to stalk random what cant talk english very well....did get very lost but then meet a chick who was staying in my hostel and trying to find it too, so things happen for a reason!

Lisbon is soo pretty! There is a castle there when you go to the top you can see the whole city and its amazing! SO many hill to get to my hostel in Lisbon! Good work out tho!

Hit the town with Italians and had the best pastry thing with salami in it! and an unreal custard tart too! yum!!

almot missed my plane back to berlin because was at the wronge terminal with a chick having coffee and had to run our hearts out as it was the final call and if it weren't for one other guy the plane was waiting for i dont think we would have made it! Ophs! try not to do that again!!
ok so i've now got unti lthe 29th withte family and then start real travel with Sez then! woohoo!!

Hear from you soon!