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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Sep 2007

Location: South England, UK

MapFirstly the Scots and fantastic! Mega friendly unless your trying to get theough a crazy big crowd to the toilet!!
But we stayed with some mate in Edinburgh and stayed the extra night to see some amazing fireworks!

Yes the stories are true..we meet the one and only KENNY and got free ticket to the movie that night! He loved having a chat with us! But the castel was amazing too!

London was really good, staying in Piccidilly Circus which was a really cool area! Sez and i are taking advantage of the free tours they run in different cities...but we are nice and give a tip.

We were soo lucky to stay with Dads cousin Pete and his family down the south of England and they took us out for tea and to CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! Which was absolutly fantastic musical show! We loved it! So good to meet family over here :) And got to meet Grandmas sister who was such a hoot!! Loved her humour!
The family is great and feel really welcome so lucky we got in touch!

So loved Scotland and England too! Yes the Queen was even nice enough to give us a cup of tea...Beats the 'traditional english breakfast we had in the hostel with a 'sasuage' that looked nasty and was pretty much half a burger! haha alwell it was cheep!!

ok love you all lots and ill try to keep this up to date ;)


p.s. i know the spelling is shocking but time is short and im not reading over this!