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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Sep 2007

Location: Turku, Finland

Hey hey!

Ok at the moment were in finland after arriving in a FREE FERRY! Too right it was free! Didnt get our eurorail passes stamped so free night stay in the boat over from Sweden :)

So after leaving Denmark (which was really pretty and awesome and loved seeing and playing with Megs!) We went to Sweden into the hills for a few days living in a little red house with white windows! Real cute! We got to go hiking in the rain during the day and cook up fests at night because we were the only two in the whole 12 person house!

Next it was to the city of Stockholm, which we now relise that you need to book ahead with accomodation when there is a confrence with an extra 22 000 doctors in town on the night you wish to stay... in other words we had to sleep in the train station! HA! Well that was the plan but then we saw the station closed at midnight so we thought it would be a great idea to stay out on the town until it opened at 5am the next day...then found a shit tin of places close at 3 am...hmm . So lets say we had a great night out, ate some really great kababs and now are locals at the all night maccas... where even inside is freaking freezing on the coldest night in Stockholm in yonks!! Heck!

But on the bright side we had crazy hot showers at the station the next day and ended up in a boat hostel the next night-marvellous! Yep it was on the water and was a hostel! Did feel it going up and down a bit, but thats part of the fun!

Stockholm was beautiful and i love it! The old town area with all the smaller streets is beautiful and the buildings are amazing! Loved it!`

Today we were on a lunch island boat ride with lots of raw fish to eat on the buffet ie. we are both offically vegans now... until tea time...when the cow comes home! yum steak!

Tomorrow we go to Helsinki and spend few days there before our flight to Budapest! Exciting stuff this travelling bizzo!

But we're having a blast and loving almost every second of crazy naked europain countries! Hope your happy happy chappy's too!

much love and high 5s all round!
miss you all heaps