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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Oct 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


ok just a quick one to say where we have been/

sez and i hit budapest which is actually split by a river into buda and pest by the way...who knew! good as hot saunas there! and bloody good views of the city from the top of a mountain!

we went onto venice and then salzberg in austria which we hit the sound of music tour and sung to the hills!

then went onto switzerland within the country and the SNOW AND SNOW FIGHTS AND THEN

WENT SKYDIVING INTHE SWISS ALPS FROM A CHOPPER?!!!! mad and unreal and we did it and it was great and would do it again enven if i have to get shoved out the chopper again!!

then we meet ash in munich and hit the okctoberfest after visiting kat and loved living ith her family and ocktoberfest was amazing! bloody heavy those muss glasses..

now in netherlands and must go but missing you all and cant wait to see you again but were having a ball and loving every second!!

see you soon!