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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Oct 2007

Location: madrid, Spain


so it is now spain time and we have some from Paris (did too stay in the getto of paris) but the eifel tower has a lovly view...but not for us-we were told to beat the tourist and get there asap in the morning but bugger me it was an over cast day and we couldnt see shit-not joking!! it was white EVERYWHERE! but funny that went all that way and couldnt see anything. we saw some trucks that were right below us from the very top of the tower but that was it! corker! but its the thought that counts right??

so did all the tourist things in paris and now we are in madrid and heading to barcelone tomorrow night- bring on the beaches!!! yep were going for a dip no matter what the weather is like! madrid is really clean! loving it!

ok so that the place we have been i guess...lots of sights to see and people to meet , top shelf really! hope your all having a fabulous time!
miss you all heaps and keep me posted!
see you in a flash :)