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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Oct 2007

Location: athens, Greece

MapHey guys!

yep were in Greece at the really nice and warm! Yea! soo good because we were in Italy and it was SOOO cold for a few days and windy and raining...but other then that-luvly!

We've been to Venice and couldnt afford a Gondolas 100Euro for a ride-rip off!! But we did save our money because our hostel gave us dinner..yum free pasta!!

We also saw Davids rude! And froze on top of a whooper of a hill looking out to the city of pretty!

Rome is absolutly amazing! Loved it! Did some tours and found out history of the Colosseum (friggen huge!) and the old roman building that are partly still standing...amazing! Also checked out the Popes country...he wasnt home but St Peters is pretty impressive. Got a tour there too-lucky otherwise we would have know nothing!! Our guide was a funny bugger who was always asking if we understood what he was saying...he was Italian and could speak faster than me!

Right now we are in Greece at Athen and going exploring tomorrow...pretty excited!! We will hit a Greek Island in a few day for a realax on the good! Also had a night ferry from Italy to Greece last night...loved the boat ride over-soo much better then trains!!

Well hope your all good and look forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks!