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Eric’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Dec 2004

Location: Darwin, Australia

MapThe time has come to start thinking seriously about my upcoming trip, so this is my first step. Usually I don't really plan anything and so it was hard to construct a web page when I got back home last time and tried to plot all the side trips and things that happened. This time I am going to try out a blog so that it might all be there ready for me, and I can sort out the details later without too much trouble.

I am off, leaving from Darwin on 28/1/2005, heading to Bangkok (with a ten hour layover in beautiful Brunei) and from there it is all up in the air - or onto buses, trains and any other transport that is handy. A bit of a browse through MBK and Panthip Plaza to check out prices and buy some hardware, then get new glasses and some teeth fixed before I start wandering. A week in Bangkok should see me wanting to run away to somewhere quieter and less humdrum. Maybe head east to Cambodia and then, depending how hot it gets either into the Mekong delta and Vietnam or into the north of Laos. I've got nearly three months all up and as I don't like rushing it could be a long slow trip.

At this stage nothing is definite except that I have booked my ticket to Bangkok and return, and have to pay for it by Christmas. After that it could go anywhere and I willl basically decide as I go. If I like a place, I might prop for a while or plans could stall and never pick up until it comes time to catch the plane home - who can tell until it happens.