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Connie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007

Location: Athens, Greece

MapI am finally here yipee!! It feels like it has been a whirlwind of an airport tour so far. It makes me want to add the super-high tech Japan airport to my list of places to go. I was first at DFW, then Philly, then Munich - yes no Zurich - and now Athens. Other than the fact that my first plane was rerouted and my luggage is still wandering around Europe, I really likes Munich. I took 2 years of German at the UofA so I could read things and greet people and thank them. The people at Lufthansa were so nice. They always started their boarding with "Bitte", please, and said with a nice british accent "...kindly board your plane..." They also have a lot of free stuff at their airport like coffee and tea and newpapers and luggage buggies (not like I needed one.) But it was much different than DFW where they wanted to charge me to use the electricity to charge my laptop. When I got to Athens though it was much different. I don't understand a word those people are saying. And their signs are all in real Greek letters and not americanized. So I really don't know what those mean either. Fortunately most people speak some English and the real important signs are translated. But when I got off the subway to get to my hotel I found myself at one end of a square with a giant flea market going on with tiny streets intersecting in all directions. I must say it made me a little anxious. But i did try out to get on The Amazing Race so I got my maps out and just started trying to find road signs and asking people to help until I found my way. Although I have not seen a lot of Athens, it looks to be an interesting old European city. My hotel has a garden/bar on the roof so I was there tonight looking across the city to the Acropolis. I intend to go there tomorrow. I will download the pics as soon as I get my cable from my suitcase. As far as my going hungry, there is a whole lot of italian food around - yummy - so I don't think that will be a problem. I will be on my way to Thessaloniki tomorrow. Take care. Connie