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Connie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jul 2007

Location: Thessaloniki, Germany

MapAfter flying across the Agean I am now enjoying a much different side of Greece. There are fewer people and it is much greener and water everywhere!!! I met up with Becky and Brigett and the people from SMU and then we went to the pool and the beach. It was great but it was kind of late so we had to eat and then have a meeting to get ready for today. We then had more excitement when we started smelling smoke everywhere and the electricity went out and the halls of the hotel slowly became real smokey. Always an adventure. It seems that there was a fire about 65km away and the electric company shuts off power to the area and that included us. We had a back-up generator so the hotel was not completely in the dark. And the smoke, well it was just blowing down the mountain and we were in its path.

Today we are going into town to meet the people of the monestary that the students will be working with. I am looking forward to it. I am driving so that when Becky is done with her part we will be off to the beach.

Love and miss you all.