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Connie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Jul 2007

Location: Ormylia, Greece

MapGuten tag mi familia und amigos and amigas. I am truely multilingual now :> We have been working on our Greek but it is quite challenging. I have been working on my German still because like everying in TX is translated in Spanish, everything in Hawaii was translated in Japanese, everything here if not translated in English is translated in German. Thanks again to the great U of A - go hogs!!!

On a much more interesting note the job that Becky and I got yesterday was to drive around the pennisulas and look for great beaches and fun things for the students to do on Monday, their last day. We were more than happy to comply. It was a great trip driving along the Mediterrean coast - beautiful. Equally gorgeous as the beaches of Hawaii. We did a little swimming, a little eating at the Roma Pizza in a port city, a little shopping, and completed our task quite efficiently. And needless to say it was great fun. Mom you would have to laugh - Becky and I driving around cluelessly in Greece just like we were in Junior High again.

On a more serious note, I am presently at the Panagia Philanthropini, the Center for Socail Advancement and Medical Prevention with the students while they listen to Physicain and Professor lectures on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. There are docs and profs here from around the world and one of the issues is health care for women in developing countries. It has been pretty interesting but the radiologists started talking so I slipped out for coffee and found a computer.

Good news!!!! I got my luggage at about 10:00 last night. Oh my gosh. I was so happy to see my Reagan flip flops. Even though I was really enjoying wearing all of Brigett's cute clothes, it is good to have my own stuff. I downloaded pictures last night but burnt up my adapter so I have a new tech problem to solve. But I got some great pics and I can't wait to share them.