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Connie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Jul 2007

Location: Gerakina, Germany

MapWow, Saturday already.
It has been a great trip.
The Center was amazing and continues to be. Great things they do there. After my entry from yesterday we went for a most interesting culinary experience - lunch. It consisted of many sea creatures, a red sauce, and pasta. It reminds me of eating in Hawaii except it is all cooked and not poke. Also searved at lunch was a wonderful Greek wine made by the nuns of the Monestary that I found as I began to giggle incessantly, I had consumed way too much of. Luckily we were given the name of 3 other beaches to check out so Becky took the keys and off we went. For those of you who are wondering, I do have samples of the beautiful, marble-rich sand.

I have pictures but I can't buy enough internet time right now to upload them onto the site. I will probably have this worked out once I get home.

We were very graciously invited to dinner by Brother Charlie - the director of the center - at a famous resort/casino/port hotel. It was a grand experience dining with people from around the world and Americans from the Mayo Clinic and the International Branch of the Kommen Foundation. Another grand meal with the greek equivalent of tapas and their famous liquor, Ozous(?). Just a taste for me. The greeks love to eat and drink - oh and go topless at their beaches.

Today we are off to a prehistoric cave site while the conference continues without us. We will be back later to pick up the girls and take them to one of our scouted beaches for some fun.