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Connie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 Jul 2007

Location: Halkidiki, Germany

Yesterday we had a couple of hours between events at the Institute so we went to Petraluna Cave. It was where the oldest known Human was found in Europe. It was a very cool experience. After exploring this part of the world I am understanding how ancient civilizations prospered here. There are fruit and olive trees everywhere and the sea is so calm and clear with lots of creatures to eat.

We wrapped up the conference today with a visit to the monestary and a special Greek Orthodox Church Service. All 20 of us women had to have a clothes audit by the nuns before we could go in. No shoulders, no shorts/capris, and no cleavage allowed. We all cleared the audit but one and then became very hot due to the large amount of clothes we had on and no air conditioning. But their place in the valley was beautiful and the nuns were very kind.