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Carolyn’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Oct 2007

Location: Kenya


Had a fab day at school, I was actually there all day - no home visits or hospital trips - yipee!

Edwins eye is looking so much better so I am pleased with my assessment and treatment of it and it didn't involve hours in hospital or any dosh!! Just hope I don't need the eye drops now I've given them away!!

We went out for an Ethiopian meal last night and followed that with some dancing in Dimples (night club). We splashed out on a hotel (4 pounds b&b) and we got exited about having a room to ourself!! It was by no means the Hilton or in fact a Travel Lodge but we loved it and got a good nights sleep in a comfy bed!!

This morning I attempted to teach my class to tell the time. We had a fab interactive session with kids getting up and drawing clocks on the board and then I gave them a worksheet to do, some got it real quick, it was really satisfying to see them learn.

After lunchtime I read 2 Winnie the Witch stories and then Snow White, they loved listening so much they demanded more after each one! At the end of the day the teacher explained that tomorrow is my last day and the kids said that they don't want me to leave! Some said that they will cry if I go - it's going to be tough day! I explained that I have a son at home that is missing me and they wanted to know all about him. When I told them he was 8 half the kids put their hands up exited that they too were 8 like him! They chanted his name many times and said that they want me to take Luke to meet them next year!!

We've got Masai dancers confirmed for tomorrow and so it will be a lively day, its a good job as we'll probably cry buckets! We've bought loads of flour, sugar and salt to make food parcels to send home to the families and we've bought sweets to give to the kids too - the plan is to fire them up on E numbers that they are not used to and then say goodbye!!

I've lined up a video interview with Kevin's father tomorrow at 9 so fingers crossed I'll get some good footage to bring home for you all to see.

I've probably got one more blog to write after today and then I shall have to wean myself off the net! I do hope that you have enjoyed reading and learning about what I've been up to.

I want to say a special thanks to those who have so far sponsored a child to go to the Prison school - we still need so many more. If you've thought about it but not done anything about it yet please do it now! I'd love to able to tell them they had the funding before we leave...

Thank you to:

Janet Sullivan
Joanne Wells
HATS (x3 kids)
Cathy McCormick
Keith Saunders
Penny Reeves (x 2 kids)
Doreen Hughes
Neil Phillips
Devi Viram
Sarah Riley + admin team
Claire Grindlay
Maggie Shannon
John Phillips
A2 Accident Solicitors
Anne Hadall
Pauline Nolan

Thanks and love to all,