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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 31 Aug 2007

Location: Heathrow and Beijing!!, China

MapHello from CHINA!!!
Flight was very smooth, but long! we are now 7 hours ahead of you lot in England!!
We were met at the airport and taken to our 5 star hotel where we have stayed for three nights. Absolute luxury!!
Fantastic range of brekkie, from full english to chinese noodles!!
All the itinerary so far mentionned in previous post have been excellent, the weather has made it even better. Famous Beijing smog only really effected us on Monday otherwise clear the rest of the time. (no need for the masks thank goodness!!)
Traffic is absolute chaos!! do not think they have invented a highway code yet!!
Highlights of the last few days include the Forbidden City and most of all THE GREAT WALL!!!
As Chairman Mao said.....You are not a hero until you have climbed the great wall. Suffice to say...WE ARE ALL HEROES!!!!
Caught the cable car three quarters of the way up and walked the rest. To say walk is a bit of a leisurely term...hiked is a better no....mountaineering!!!! Was unbelievably steep and uneven, with parts of the way being slopes, not steps!!
But it was all worth it for the view 890m up!! What a fantastic achievement for all of us!!
Peking Duck last night was good but we honestly prefer the shredded English version. But the beer and sweet Chinese wine helped!! We have 'experienced' lots of Chinese food and will not need a take-away for atleast a century!!
Off to Tianenamen Square today and then we fly to Nanjing this arvo.
Love to all of you...keep your messages coming, it's great to hear from you back in 'sunny' England (and of course those of you around the world).
Love Anita, Bernie and Rachel.

Note to Janet: You can buy anything here at Carrefour!!