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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Sep 2007

Location: Nanjing, China

MapHi all - left Beijing on a very hot day. Visited Tiananman Square before we left. Not too many police or army officials in evidence until we left the square then a whole platoon with riot gear were marching towards the square. We disappeared quick!! Also visited the Temple of Heaven which has been newly renovated. It was fantastic. It is all wood with tiles but has been built without any nails. The flight to Nanjing went off without a hitch. From arriving at the airport to boarding the plane took 30 minutes!! Everything runs like clockwork. On arrival in Nanjing it was very humid. Been raining today but it has not dampened our spirits.
Although we love chinese food we are getting quite fed up with eating it twice a day so I am sorry to say that we opted out of yet another chinese meal this evening and settled for ...... Burger King. Three value meals came to 5 pounds altogether. Went shopping in the bustling market next to Confucius' Temple and managed to buy a Chanel backpack for 4 pounds!!
Things to note.
1. I am now officially unemployed.
2. Hawkers follow you wherever you go in the street. I can buy you a Gucci bag for 4 pounds or a Rolex watch for 3 pounds!!
3. Yes Frances - Bernie is wearing his Crocodile Dundee hat! And very useful it is too!