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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Sep 2007

Location: China

We nearly missed the train to Shanghai - had to run and get on any carriage!!! We had gone to a fabulous silk factory and was told and shown how silk is made!! Great shopping opportunity too!
Unfortunately we have had rain for the last few days but it has not dampened our spirits. Shanghai is a wonder. Full of high rise buildings of all manner of shapes and sizes. It is like New York but much cheaper. I bought a genuine fake rolex watch today for 1 pond 40 pence!! Shanghai is lit up with all incredible colours at night time. Rachel and I had a ride in a taxi last night and the experience is not too be repeated! They drive like maniacs and take no notice of traffic lights or lanes.
Bernie has developed a nasty cold through the air conditioning so we are now just sleeping with the window open. This of course lets in the city noise but as we are on the 15th floor it does not bother us too much. Some people are on the 31st floor!!
We have seen some lovely chinese gardens. They are full of water features and pergodas. Tonight we are going to the chinese acrobatic show. We leave Shanghai tomorrow and fly to where we catch the cruise boat. According to our guide it is a 4 star hotel on water with a ballroom, massage centre and sundecks. Can't wait for a bit of relaxation. We will be incommunicado for 5 days as I don't suppose they have internet access onboard.
Keep the messages coming and it is great to hear from you all. Thought of all of you at SS Peter and Paul at 4 p.m. yesterday as it was 9 a.m. for you and the star of a new term.
We have had 2 western buffets with roast chicken, pasta, salads, chips etc. so we have had a few breaks from chinese. Lets hope the boat has western food onboard.
All our love Anita, Bernie and Rachel xxxxx