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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007

Location: Xi'an, China

MapXi'an 11th September 2007
Dear all Safely back on dry land. The boat was great. Very relaxing with fantastic scenery.
We are now on the homeward straight. Xi'an is the prettiest city we have been to. Most of the new builds are in the traditional style although tower blocks are a plenty!!
Went to see the terracotta army yesterday. The 6,000 or so that are left and have not gone to Britain are very impressive (although Rachel thinks there is a possibility that they are still fake!)Genuine fake not fake fake! We bought some sincere genuine fakes (replicas) back to show you for those who can't make it to the British Museum or indeed China.
Went to see a typical chinese show last night. The Tang dynasty show was different. Very colourful and introduced us to the traditional musical intruments. Luckily it only lasted 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Today saw us at a typical farmers village. The living conditions were very primitive but the locals were very welcoming. They welcomed us with the tradional dragon dance and noisy band. We were shown an older type house (very primitive) and a newer building. they build their own houses when they can afford to buy the materials. The children enjoyed the sweets we brought for them but were camera shy as they have not had many 'big noses' to their village before.
This will be our last blog before we arrive home. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures in China. We will add the pictures later for you to peruse.
Our final thoughts on China:
1. The people are very hospitable and friendly
2. The scenery is fantastic.
3. They are very dangerous drivers.
4. Too much chinese food in china!
5. Distances are huge.
6. It is a hugely developing country.
Will we come back? No - as soon it will look like any other western country and we have seen and accomplished everything we set out to do.
all the best. SEE you all soon
A, B and R