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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Nov 2007

Location: delhi, India

MapHi Everyone - we are back on our travels again!! The flight from Heathrow to Delhi went without a hitch. It was very smooth and the service on Jet Air was second to none. Had our 1st curry on the plane!
Delhi is fascinating. Very hot and humid but, unlike China, it is very smelly and dirty. Incense abounds everywhere but so does the smell of wee and poo. We have seen so much poverty in the short space of time we have been here.
Visited the Red Fort in old Delhi which was lovely but falling apart. They don't seem to look after their heritage very well. Also visited a mosque which had buzzards (kites) flying overhead. We have to take our shoes off when we visit the mosques and have to walk around bare footed (minding the pigeon poo!!)
We have arrived at the start of Divali and the firecrackers going off all night did not manage to keep us awake as we were so tired we slept non - stop for 9 hours. Fireworks and crackers go off for another 2 days.
Our coach is something out of the 90's. Luxury is not as we know it!! It has a shrine on the dashboard and some form of air-conditioning but that is it!! Hard seats and 25 miles an hour. It took us 45 minutes to travel 12 miles yesterday. This is the coach that is transporting us around India. Help!!
Must go as our coach is waiting and the quide is a stickler for time.
All the best
A and B