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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Nov 2007

Location: Bikaner, India

MapOnce again we had to endure the bus (can't call it a coach!). This time Bernie and I had to sit at the back over the wheel. Not a pleasant journey although the road was slightly smoother.
The route to Bikanar was through desert which is what I think Africa looks like. The farmers scratch a living in the desert scrub and live in round mud huts with thatch roofs. They tend to sheep and goats. Fortunately, as I did not get much sleep last night, I managed somehow to sleep on the bus for 1 hour!
The hotel in Bikaner is yet another Maharajah's palace with wonderful wood/stone carving all around. We are getting used to this luxury!
More on Bikaner when we have been shown around.
All our love