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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Nov 2007

Location: Goa, India

MapJetAir are a fantastic airline to fly with - proper cutlery and ceramic plates!! The planes are up to date, the staff are really friendly and the food is delicious.
We arrived in Goa very early afternoon and were met at the airprt by the Archers rep and a driver. The drive to the hotel was very smooth. Goa is not like Rajasthan. It is very green and lucious. Bernie saw his first coconut palms with real coconuts growing on them!
The hotel is right on the beach and very secluded. There is security everywhere so we are not disturbed by beggers and hawkers. Our room has a sea view and the sound of the sea will surely sooooothe us to sleep tonight. No more gobbling down breakfast for us as our time is our own.
Sat on a recliner late afternoon to watch the spectacular sunset over the water with a rum (double) and coke in hand. It was very romantic. There are about 5 restaurants in the hotel and we have booked a continental cuisine tonight overlooking the sea. We want to truely experience Goan cooking so will investigate the local town tomorrow for fish curry!
Excursions include
1. boat trip, snorkelling and barbeque on the beach
2. a cruise up the river to see the mugger crocodiles
3. A fantastic day market on Wednesday where you can buy anything!
We will find out prices and availability tomorrow.
Well off to have a shower and then have a romantic meal by the sea!
Take care