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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Nov 2007

Location: Goa, India

MapAfter a lovely sleep on Sunday morning and a relaxing breakfast overlooking the sea we took the hotel 'chauffeur' taxi (315 rupees) into Panaji the capital town to go to church. We went to the 9.30 children's mass at the church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception built in 1541. It is a lovely church but, in places, was highly ornamented. The mass was in Goan so we could not understand a word but able to follow the order and the children were the best behaved I have seen for a long time.
After mass we strolled around the town and found the local market that ran down to the sea. It was a pleasure shopping for the first time without being hounded by hawkers. We bought a bottle of local whiskey for 2 pounds 60p! Very smooth and too easy to drink!! Our whole purchases (whiskey, cokes and plastic cups) came to about the same price as 1 round of drinks in the hotel and we have enough to last us the rest of the holiday for sundowners!!!! We returned to the hotel in a very clean tuc tuc which only cost 100 rupees. Bernie has decided he wants to buy a tuc tuc for La Barde. He thinks it will be fun to take it to the lake and local shopping!!
The rest of the day was spent lounging catching the sun's rays (don't worry Rachel and Vee we had plenty of high factor suncream on and were also under the shade of coconut palms). The Arabian Sea is so warm when you go into it and also very clear so it was a pleasure to take a dip.
The food is lovely at the hotel. We went to the barbeque restaurant which is positioned by the sea and had delicious starters and fresh grilled fish. I also had a cocktail called 'Goan fantasy' and as happy hour is 6.30 - 8.30pm I had a second one free!! Can't be bad.
This week it is India's Film Festival and we have Bollywood stars staying at our hotel to have more privacy away from the paparazzi but of course we would not recognise one if we saw him/her!! There was a big do on for India's film producers and directors last night but security was so tight we could not gate crash to stand alongside famous people!!
Today Bernie is going to take part in a chess tournament and I am going to watch a cookery demonstration. The rest of the day is catching the sun's rays and swimming in the sea. Although there is a lovely, clean swimming pool at the hotel we feel it is not everyday that we can swim in the Arabian Sea. Mind you - we have to bag our sunlounger pretty early (straight after breakfast) to get a good position!!!
Sight seeing tomorrow and retail theraphy on Wednesday. We are going into Anjuna for the big weekly market which sells about everything at a third of the price. We are also going to a Radley shop to look at genuine fakes that cost about 12 pounds!!
Hope we are not making you too jealous as the temperature yesterday was 34C and I hear in England winter has really set in!! Neve mind we are back on Saturday to share your misery!!
Take care
All our love A&B