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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Dec 2007

Location: Hawaii, USA

Map31st December New Years Eve
Aloha to you all and Happy New Year. We wish you all good health and happiness for 2008
Alcatraz in the mist was very atmospheric! We could understand how the prisoners felt in the cold and damp. It was an awesome place which made us feel quite uncomfortable. The cells were minute and the sanitary arrangements were not private.We had an excellent talk abour Al Capone from one of the rangers. It lasted about an hour and after sitting in the dining room on hard benches we were very cold and stiff.
San Fransisco was a delight. The people were very friendly and helpful. The cable car rides were great fun and China town was lively. Street cars were a good way of getting about. I have realise that there are two things I do not like about America
1. The chocolate - would you believe I threw most of a Hershey bar in the bin. The chocolate was disgusting!
2. Toilets. The door and panels only just go down to the toilet level and there is a gap between the door and frame so that you can be seen 'spending a penny'!
The flight to Hawaii was very calm although cloudy so that we could not see the Pacific Ocean at all.
Waikiki beach is very built up with high rise hotels. The beach can hardly be seen. The shopping opportunities are vast but I still have not been tempted to buy anything....yet! We took the local bus up to the North of the island and we found that to be more typical of what we thought the island should be like. We travelled 60 miles for $2 but it did take us 1 hr 40 mins although the scenery was fantastic. We had lunch and a very well known shack called Giovanni's Original white shrimp shack!! We had the most amazing, enormous scampi (prawns) covered in garlic!
This afternoon we took the bus to see Pearl Harbour. The weather has not been too great so we are looking forward to Fiji!!