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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Jan 2008

Location: Korolevu, Fiji

MapBula from both of us.
We did not do our homework to realise that this is the rainy season. Never mind we are still enjoying ourselves. Between rainfalls (sometimes very heavy) we walked along the beach and paddled in the Pacific Ocean with two dogs from the hotel in tow!. The scent of flowers and fragrant wood is lovely but with a tiny bit of sunshine could be powerful. Let's hope the sun shines tomorrow. Every day at 4pm there is a complimentary tea served with either tea/coffee as well as freshly made scones and jam. Everybody comes together then to chat and eat. We are the oldest visitors at this resort (it is a backpackers hotel) but everybody is very friendly. It is nice to hear about the places they have visited and have given us tips on what to see and do when we get there.
We woke up to torrential rain this morning hitting the roof of our garden room. At 1st we decided to stay put at the hotel and not go sightseeing but hey.....we cannot sit around and read all day. Besides we did bring our anoraks so we have booked the local transport to take us to the nearest town which is 45 mins drive away to a cost of 2 pounds return each. I am contemplating having a full body massage this afternoon for a cost of 7 pounds!
Hope the new term (for all my ex colleagues not able to give up and go travelling) starts well for everybody. Don't miss me too much. Been called for the bus so must go.
A and B