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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Jan 2008

Location: Korolevu, Fiji

MapBula. This will be our last blog from Fiji as we fly to Auckland tomorrow. On Friday we caught the hotel bus into Sigatoka for a look around. It is a bustling, small market town selling completely different vegetables from what we know eg cassava. I got caught by an innocent looking lady saying 'bula' and inviting me to look on her stall. Needless to say I could not resist the bartering and bought a moodstone neclace!! We had a lovely marlin (fish) curry for lunch in a local restaurant for under a fiver for both of us!!
The weather has been very chancy with torrential rain showers interspersed with drizzle. Yesterday we did manage to sit outside for a short time palm weaving and coconut jewellery making. Bernie even went out in a sea kayak to look at the coral reef surrounding our bay.
Today the sun has been out all day!!! I sat in a hammock chair that overlooked the sea reading my book. Bernie sat on a normal chair next to me! Even though we sat under the coconut palm trees we did not realise the strength of the sun and so we have caught a suntan big time! Sorry Veronica and Rachel! It does mean we will arrive in NZ looking bronzed.
No shops are open on a Sunday in Fiji but I did manage to get a massage. Whoever says that massages are relaxing and gentle has not heard of the fijian way! I think I would prefer one of Steve Daly's massages to the foot and neck one I had today! Excruciating.
We have found one consolation to the rainy days we have had. That is the local rum called 'Bounty' that comes in at a whopping 58% proof. No wonder they wrapped the bottle in newspaper and a black bag when we bought it in the local liquor store!!
We will try to load some pictures (to make you jealous) when we have a fast internet in NZ.
All the best
A and B