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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Feb 2008

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapHi everyone - we are booked into a B&B with free internet access!!
The last two days travelling have been quite boring with vitually long, straight roads (I thought South Island was hilly) but there were plenty of roadworks to break our journey! We were travelling across the Canterbury Plain which is flat with large, empty riverbeds. I think the rivers swell alot in winter as many bridges are over 1 km long.
The highlight of our trip was our stay in our booked motel straight out of the 1950's in Timaru. Nothing has been modernised (apart from the microwave) since about the mid 70"s!! The sofa (picture to follow later) was a classic bright red PVC "airport" type of the 1950's. Saying that we had a very comfortable stay there. It was a large self-contained apartment for 30 pounds a night.
Dunedin is just like Glasgow - hilly and wet!! It has not stopped raining since we arrived but our B&B is very comfortable with a view over Otago harbour. It is a very quirky place owned by a man called Norman, a kiwi eccentric with a cat called Solstice!
I want to mention roadworks in NZ - they are appalling. To resurface the road they lay tons of gravel chippings down and then leave them to bounce off passing cars. Sometimes they are not even rollered in. The bonnet and roof of our hire car in North Island was speckled with paint chips from these stones. We have not seen a tar lorry at all. I would not like to own a new car in NZ.
Tomorrow we are travelling to Invercargil, hopefully through some spectacular coastal/mountain scenery.
We hope all friends and family are well. Welcome home Richard. Keep those e-mails rolling as we love hearing from you all.
Take care