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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Feb 2008

Location: Te Anau, New Zealand

MapWOW! FANTASTIC! AWESOME! SPECTACULAR! SPIRITUAL........ what else can one say about the Doubtful Sound. We took a 50 minute boat trip over Lake Manapouri, a 30 minute coach trip over the Wilmott Pass (steepest tourist road in NZ) before we reached the start of the Doubtful Sound cruise. The boat was fab but it was the scenery that blew us away. Most of the mountains fell sheer 1000 metres to the water level and then down another 450 metres below us. The water was calm until we reached the Tasmian Sea where it became a bit choppier! There were NZ fur seals basking on the Nee Islets without a care in the world! They cut the engines of the boat in Crooked Arm ( a side branch of the Sound) to enable us to hear and feel the sounds of silence. We could hear a waterfull 200 metres away and 750 metres high as well as different bird song. It moved me to tears. People said how spiritual the experience was. The sad thing is that we did not see any of the 50 dolphins that live in the Sound. This was a trip to remember and well worth every penny. The weather was beautifully clear and sunny which added to the enjoyment.
On the return journey we visited an underground hydroelectric power station deep in the heart of a mountain. The coach went 2kms through a hewn out tunnel to reach the machine room. It was very eerie but humbling to be in such a feat of human engineering.
Take care