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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Feb 2008

Location: Fox Glacier, New Zealand

MapHi everone - in the last blog write up we said we were in the middle of a rainforest...........well guess what - it has rained non-stop today! And I mean rained. All the helicopter flights were cancelled and we got soaked doing a walk around a lake. Luckily we had our wet weather rain gear but it did not stop our shorts/skirts getting absolutely saturated. Nothing that a hot cupof cocoa couldn't fix.
I forgot to mention that Bernie and I bought a scrabble set whilst we were in NZ and we play scrabble every evening after dinner. I thought I would update you on the score. So far it is 7 (to me): 5 (to Bernie). Alright Vee - I have not lost my touch!!
Lovely to talk to family today - you all sound so well.
Love A&B