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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Feb 2008

Location: Masterton, New Zealand

MapWell, it had to happen. I ended up in hospital. No, not for Bernie. This time it was my turn and boy did I do it in style!!
A sash window slammed down onto my finger and nearly amputated it. Well thats my story. I was rushed to A&E by my sister (exceeding the speed limit because she wanted to get a police escort if she was stopped!) After an x-ray to find out that it was fractured I then had to undergo surgery (ie 3 stitches in my swelling and very sore finger) before having an enormous bandage put on to protect it from further damage and infection. I heroically declined a sling even though it would have given me more of the sympathy vote but I had to be wheeled to x-ray because I was too faint and weak to walk. I must say, at this point that I am very impressed with the treatment I got. My supportive sister took photo's throughout even of the doctor sewing up the finger (but I thought that would be too gruesome to put on the blog)! Bernie was not bad either - at least the shoe was on the other foot this time. Flowers and chocolates would be appreciated but as you cannot give them to me I will take money (to pay for my very strong pain killers and antibiotics)
Seriously folks, I am ok (just) and after a few drinks, plus drugs, I was euphoric!!
The plus side of course washing up for 12 days. If you have the stomach for it the pictures are on the blog!!
I have a letter from the surgeon to take through customs in Australia which explains that they can't open up the bandage to search for drugs!!
Hope you are all healthy