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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 22 Feb 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapG'day bonzers!! Good flight to Sydney although there was some turbulance. The plane moaned and groaned and sounded it really needed oiling!! No engineer to see the plane into dock and no docking attendants to couple the gangway to the plane meant that we had a 20 minute wait on the plane in rising temperatures. Oz time is even more laid back then NZ!
I had my dressing changed the 1st afternoon. It was great because England has a reciprocal arrangement with Oz. After acquiring a Medicare number I went off to a clean and efficient clinic where I was seen straight away by the doctor and had a new dressing put on with a splint to hold the finger immobile. It did not cost me a penny, the charge would have been $60 a visit. Hopefully the stitches come out on Monday. I have, however, been getting lots of sympathy from strangers which is more than I can say about my "friends"! For dinner we went into Chinatown for a very cheap meal - much better value than San Francisco.
The people are very friendly and helpful.
Sydney is a great place to be. Would you believe that we have brought the sunshine with us! We spent our 1st full day at the zoo and saw our 1st Koalas, kangaroos, platypus and echidnas. Lovely views of the harbour,bridge and opera house from the zoo (do you remember it Rachel?). After 5 hours of walking around the zoo we decided to catch the ferry back to Circular Quay for a well deserved ice cream and listened to an aboriginal version of 'garage' didjeridoo! Painful on the ears after a while. The one consolation was that a seagull shat on my skirt so good luck must be coming my way!
Today we walked to the Botanical Garden (Bernie is too stingy) and had a wonderful 3 hours avoiding the 2,000 'flying foxes' (bats) in the magnificant gardens. The views of the city are very impressive!
Tomorrow we are meeting up with another one of my school friends called Barbara (Babs) and spending the day with her going to Bondi Beach and Watson's Bay.
Hope you are all ok. Take care of yourselves and be consoled that we are half-way through our trip!