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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Mar 2008

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapWell folk we had a great time on the wine tour. Started sampling wine at 11.30 am!! We went to 3 wineries. The 1st one showed us their cellar with 25,000 bottles of wine stored down there. We tasted their wines plus a very mellow port that they do. We also had a lovely 3 course lunch with wine. Yum! The second place was just sampling but the 3rd place gave us a tour of their 165 year old vines. They only get one bottle of wine from each vine, the grapes are hand-picked and they end up in a bottle of wine called 'Freedom' costing 50 quid a bottle. We sampled some and it was.....digusting! Not to my taste at all. The brilliant thing was that we arrived during the harvest and wine making season so we were shown around and introduced to the wine making progress. We saw it 1st hand. We also had lots of opportunities for wine and port tasting so we came back to the hotel slightly squiffy!!
For all of you who have enquired about my finger (thank you) I will give you an update. The finger is still swollen, stiff and painful. I am trying to move it as much as possible but until the deep scabs come off movement is restricted. Once I reach Melbourne I will go to have it checked at the doctors because I cannot put any pressure on it. It is not stopping me from doing anything I want to do!!
Well I have left Bernie so he can wander around the museum and art gallery so I do not want to waste this opportunity to do a little retail therapy on my own!! Off to Melbourne tomorrow and Grand Prix on Sunday. Can't wait.
All the best