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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Mar 2008

Location: Melbourne Grand Prix, Australia

MapG'day all. Another 1st achieved for us - attending a live Grand Prix!! It was a very, very hot day (40C), dusty and crowded but we still just managed to enjoy ourselves. The pre-race programme was good and the aerial displays were almost literaly 'out of this world' especially the air force pilot who did a vertical climb until we lost sight of him!!
We got there very early to bag our places but by the time the Grand Prix started the whole area had been invaded and we could barely see anything. It was so hot that people were passing out. Thank goodness we brought plenty of chilled drinks and Bernie remembered to pack an umbrella. We used the Union Jack for a tent!! We did find a much cooler spot under a tree half-way through the race but it was very close to the race track so was extremely noisy. Bernie came to the rescue again because he had brought earplugs!!!
It was good to be on the winning side and not a loser (football and rugby??!!). When Hamilton did his lap of honour he spotted the Union Jack waving frantically and waved to ME!! It was worth enduring the heat for that moment. Some bloke even took a picture of me with the flag!! We would only go to a live Grand Prix again if we had really expensive grandstand seats (anybody willing to do the collection for us?) and it was only 20C. At least we are not suffering from heatstroke and sunburn like quite a few people will be.
All the best