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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Mar 2008

Location: Jaspers Brush, Australia

MapGood luck to all my ex-colleagues who have the dreaded Ofsted at SS Peter and Paul next week! Show them how good you are.
Melbourne was a lovely city with a great tram system which ran on time and very efficient. 3 pounds for an all day ticket where you can jump on and off the trams, buses or trains. There was even a free tram and tourist bus which took you all round the city to the main tourist attractions. The only downside to our stay in Melbourne was the heat - 40C everyday which really slowed us down for sight - seeing.
Babs and Rob met us at Moss Vale railway station. It was great to see known faces again. Their house is absolutely fantastic on a hill with wonderful views - not at all what what I thought it would be like. I imagined dry, scrub land with plenty of dust. In fact where they are it is green and quite lush because of all the rain they have had this summer (pictures will follow). We were taken out to a loveely restaurant in a wood called 'Paper Bark Restaurant' because of all the paper bark trees that surround it. I had a lovely salmon cooked in paper bark which was delicious!! Bab's children are arriving for Easter on Friday and Saturday so it will be a full house for the weekend but the house can take it.
For all my ex-colleagues at SS Peter and Paul try to enjoy the Easter weekend and try to forget the impending inspection for a few hours.
All the best