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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Mar 2008

Location: Jaspers Brush, Australia

MapHAPPY EASTER everyone!! We are having a wonderful, relaxing time with Babs. I had another 1st yesterday. I was helping Rob in his garden when a leech attached itself between my toes and starting sucking my blood. Bernie's 1st reaction you want a photo of it!!!! Not a pleasant experience at all.
We went to the local church for the Easter Vigil which was similar to ours with some slight differences. We have had a lovely day today sightseeing along the coast. Babs and Rob are near a very picturesque coastline with blowholes, cliffs and a lighthouse. Apparently whales visit this coastline in Spring. Tonight we are having a bbq. This life ain't half bad!!
All the best