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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapHi folks - The Ibis hotel we are booked into is in the heart of the city very near Chinatown and Darling Harbour. We visited the Maritime Museum on Darling Harbour and had another 1st experience. We went aboard a submarine!! It was very unladylike to get in through the torpedo loading hatch and it was very claustrophobic once inside. We certainly could not survive down in the depths for 6 weeks at a time! The Destroyer tied up next to it had slightly more space but had no where to hang my dresses!! I don't know how Dad survived an even smaller boat.
Also another 1st was the IMAX cinema to see a 3D film about the deep sea. It was a great experience albeit a bit scary when the sharks swam towards us with their mouths wide open!! We wanted to reach out and touch the fish. It was reminiscent of the Barrier Reef.
The Chinese Garden is a haven in the city. That was reminiscent of some of the wonderful gardens we visited in China. The difference being that this was designed for the people of Sydney instead of only one family. Nice Dim Sum in their cafe!!
Bernie and I are now hooked on smoothies and fruit crushes. They are very cooling in the hot weather, so Rachel, hope you like them too as we will be making them on our return!
I have been thinking of all of you at SS Peter and Paul and hope it was not too much of an ordeal. The upcoming holidays should help you to recover and re-energise (I hope)
Looking forward to receiving e-mails from you again, Yvonne, once you are out of hospital (giving me all the gory details of your op!!).
We are off to Perth tomorrow where we hope to visit Lisa's mum and dad as well as attend a friend's 70th birthday. What a life!
Best wishes