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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Mar 2008

Location: Perth, Australia

MapHi everyone. Thought I'd give you a finger update!! Saw a hand therapist today who made me do 1 hr's lot of excercise to try to make the finger more flexible. I have to follow these excercises 3 times a week, and will go back to see her on Tuesday. She has also put my finger in a compression stall to help reduce swelling (I have a gel one for the night which looks like a condom!!). She also wants me to use a vibrator...... on the finger to desensitise the scar tissue!! It is really on the mend and no-where near as bad as Yvonne must be feeling now after her replacement knee operation so I won't go on about the finger anymore (I promise).
The backpackers we are at in Perth is the pits. I don't know how they can call our room 'deluxe'. It is so bad that we are cutting our losses and moving to a self-catering appartment with a swimming pool across the Swan River. We are also hiring a car for three days so that we can explore beyond the city. There is also another wine region here.....guess where we are going on Sunday!! We have also booked to go on a dolphin watch boat on Monday. Can't wait as they have been elusive on our travels both in NZ and Oz.
Well done to all at SS Peter and Paul to survive to fight another day.
All the best