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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Apr 2008

Location: KL, Malaysia

MapWell we have walked the pavements of KL in the heat and humidity to find the memories of KL. We have been super sleuths asking taxi drivers and local people the whereabouts of certain streets and locations. It has been hot, thirsty work but well worth the effort!
Jalan Parry had a name change to Jalan P Ramlee which is just around the corner from our hotel. The flats are still standing (just!) in the middle of the night club district, office blocks and high rise appartments. The flats are in a bad state of repair on the outside but are just as they were inside. We were cheeky enough to go into the old flat which is now office space but the layout is exactly the same with bathrooms leading off from the old bedrooms. The people inside were fascinated to hear that I lived there 40 years ago! All the land around there is worth a fortune because it is very near the Petronas Twin Towers.
The old Majestic Hotel closed down a long time ago to become an art gallery. It is in a sad state of neglect but the security man said it is going to be restored in the next few months but could not tell me into what.
The Convent of the Good Shepherd was very hard to track down and no longer exists. Three independent people have told us that the Pavilion Shopping Centre (right opposite our hotel) was the site of the old school.
Batu Caves remain very much the same but the city of KL now reaches them!!
The old Weld Supermarket site is still there (just around the corner from our hotel) but it is a shopping complex with no supermarket inside. One taxi driver told me proudly it was the 1st supermarket to be built in KL. I told him that I knew the 1st manager!
I have gone down memory lane foodwise as well, sampling the delights of yong tau foo and rumbletans!
We took a bus this morning to pass 188 Jalan Ampang for the last time and to try to find the site of 'Chop Hock Choon'. Imagine my delight at finding not only the site where I expected it to be but also there is still a Hock Choon supermarket!
KL abounds with the shopping experience, most of them being malls with expensive shops eg Gucci! I did manage to buy a Gucci watch in Petaling Street in Chinatown for a mere fraction of the cost!
Unfortunately no-one could tell me the location of the old British Army complex with its swimming pool. One person said it would probably now have flats and houses built on that site.
We have enjoyed ourselves in KL but have found it very hot and tiring finding all the old haunts and we are now looking forward to a bit of TLC time in Penang, sunning ourselves on the beach!