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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Apr 2008

Location: Penang, Malaysia

MapIt was the shortest plane flight we have taken so far - less than 40 minutes in the air to reach the island of Penang. Our hotel room is fab with a big balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean. As it is only on the 2nd floor we are very close to the beach and can hear the waves lapping on the shore. Went for a dip in the sea and it was like walking into a bathtub - not as clear as the Barrier Reef but who's complaining. We can see very small islands dotted around and ships and fishing boats passing by. How romantic! We need a few days of relaxation because of the tiring time we had in KL. It is nice to have a sea breeze wafting into our sitting-room.
Off to see a snake temple tomorrow - yes they do have LIVE vipers dangling around the temple!!
We can't believe our travels are nearly at an end - 12 days only left and I am definitly not doing a countdown for our return. We are only looking forward to coming home so we can bore all our friends and relatives with the 2000+ photos we have taken.
Hope you are all in good health.
All our love