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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Apr 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapHi all from a hot, humid, smelly and dirty Bangkok!! The flight over was barely one third full so we had a choice of where to sit but as it was a no frills airline there was no drink or food on offer! At the airport the tourist information kiosk was very helpful telling us how much the taxi should cost (as they are now all metred there is less opportunity for being ripped off). We also booked a tour of the city for the afternnon. The hotel is 3 star - clean and in the centre of town but our room was right next to the air-con cooling tower so the constant drip, pump noise and motor noise made it difficult for me to sleep (Bernie was off like a shot). Thank goodness for the earplugs that Rachel gave me for the plane flight!! I will be complaining. There is also smoking allowed in the Bangkok hotel rooms so our room smelt of smoke.
The tour of Bangkok was very informative. We had a guide and a driver. The 1st stop was the Royal Palace Temple with an even bigger reclining Buddha painted gold! As we had arrived during the Songkram festival to celebrate Thai New Year the Temple was crowded with people and stalls selling food, flowers and joss sticks. We were doused with water on several occassions which cooled us down a little. They take this festival to the extremes by standing at the side of the road with water pistols, hose pipes, tubs of water etc and woe betide anybody who goes too close (especially in tuc tucs and scooters). It is taken in great fun. I can't see it being allowed to happen in Britain - it screams health and safety!!
Their temples are quite different in building style from those of the Chinese with lovely gable ends and bright coloured glass to depict gems.
After visiting a ruby and a silk factory we went back to the hotel. Later we did a walk around the hotel where the smells coming from the food stall at the side of the roads were appalling. We did find a lovely Thai restaurant and had a lovely meal for the princely sum of 4 pounds for the two of us! Today we have a day to kill as our flight to Amman is at 11pmn so we are hitting the shopping malls as we are templed out!!
Final stop Jordan. Hope those dinner invitations start arriving with us as the guest presenters of 'The Daring Deeds of the Intrepid Lyons Explorers Extraordinaire' (with slide show included!!!). Allow three hours for each section.
All the best