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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Apr 2008

Location: Dead Sea, Jordan

MapHi everyone - Jordan is a fascinating country with a varied landscape. The cafes see men and women smoking the 'hubble bubbly' pipe filled with all sorts of fruit flavours eg strawberry. I was offered a liquorice 'smoke' by a Jordanian sitting next to us in one cafe but I declined.
We went down to the Dead Sea and Bernie had his 1st experience of 'floating' on water! He said it was bizarre feeling the fatty tissues ie stomach going upwards rather than downwards and his bottom still sagged while trying to float on his back! I had difficulty floating as well. He did start feeling nauseous and put it down to high atmospheric pressure due to being well below sea level. The drive to Mount Nebo was breathtaking. We went through rugged, stoney desert terraine passing bedouin encapments and wild camels. It was a winding and steep ascent to the top and good job we weren't driving. The view was amazing. Unfortunately the church was undergoing restoration and so we could not go in to see the mosaics in situ. Madaba's church of St George has the oldest map of Palestine on the floor done in mosaics. That was interesting seeing it in pictorial form.
The company we chose to take us round Jordan has been very good. Our driver is very informative and helpful and was well worth paying the extra to be driven as a couple and not as a group.
Petra tomorrow!
All the best