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Anita and Bernie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Apr 2008

Location: Petra and Waddi Rum, Jordan

MapHow can one describe Petra? Bernie did not enjoy his 1st horse riding experience down to the Siq at Petra!! The 1.6 km walk through the Siq (canyon) was stunning with vertical sides, carvings and two water courses cut out from the rock. There were also statues of gods, people and animals carved into the rock. The 1st sight of the treasury was amazing and according to the guide books we picked the perfect time to see it as the sun was diagonally across the facade. We had a local guide walk around with us for 4 hrs pointing out the important features and uses for the caves and carved out buildings. We were shattered by the end of the walk with him as, to get back to the car, we had to walk uphill for another 2 miles in the heat!! Petra is everything we expected and more. It is too spectacular to describe - even the pictures don't do it justice.
Aqaba (the seaside port on the Red Sea) is a building site and the 'beach' is slowly being eaten up by hotels. The sea was relatively cold but it was interesting to see the borders between Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Our driver Abd took us to meet his friends to show us a typical Jordanian house. We had tea, coffee and a delicious snack made from vine leaves stuffed with rice, meat and veg. They were very welcoming and spoke very good English.
How can we describe Wadi Rum? It is not a well known tourist destination but it should be. It is out in the desert where Lawrence of Arabia was based during the Arab Revolt. The scenery is made up of desert and towering wind sculpured rocks with narrow fissures. We stayed in a Bedouin camp and had a wonderful Bedouin meal . The meat was cooked underground (similar to a Maori hangi) and melted in the mouth. Jordanian dancing was also on show.
Jordan is a country with varying landscapes and wonderful places to visit. We would recommend a holiday in Jordan to one and all.
This is our final entry on the blog. The pictures of Jordan will be put on when we arrive back home.
The last 4 months have been truly amazing. We have enjoyed all of our experiences (apart from living out of a suitcase for so long) and there is nothing that we have missed out on from our list of things to do and see. Given the chance we would do it all again (apart from 1 or 2 hotels!). We hope you have enjoyed reading about and seeing highlights of our travels. We look forward to boring the pants off you when we return!!
All the best