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Rach and Dan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Jun 2008

Location: Bristol, UK

MapHey everyone,

So we're really slack and haven't updated for a couple of weeks!!!!
I had planned to get Dan to do the next one but it just hasn't happened sorry. I have time to do it today because I'm unemployed again! I found out on Friday that yesterday was my last day so I'm enjoying a quiet day today - not really - everyone's busy and I'm bored out my tree and it's only 1.30!

Not much has been happening at this end - the weather has stayed reasonably warm but there is lots of drizzly rain - it's been quite muggy (such a kiwi word!). We thought we had a ride through to Poland with some friends but that's not happening now so my next task is to see if we can figure out some other way of getting there - I'm thinking train or bus...

I'm really sorry but that's about all that's happening - life really is quite boring! Anyway, I'm starting to get excited as we down to less than 3 months till we get on the plane now so what I should really be doing with my free time is sussing out how to ship stuff home, tidying the flat and going through all our stuff to see what we want to send home etc etc and maybe if I'm still unemployed tomorrow I will but not today!

Anyway, now that you know we are alive and our lives are as boring as ever, I let you go.

Keep checking,