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DelAska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Aug 2007

Location: Kenai, AK, USA

MapSpent the night at a native fishing camp in Kenai sleeping on the shore of the Cook Inlet after a 4 hour drive from Anchorage. Air temp was 48º with a "brisk" wind and the water temp was about 39º. No one went swimming.

At the water's edge, all pcipants added soil and water from there home areas (Myrtle Beach, Chichago, Chile and Alaska) into a native bowl. I brought sand from Rye Beach and water from the Atlantic Ocean. The water I collected was actually a wave I captured when Susan and were at the beach before left, but it was stable by the time I got to Kenai.

Surfers were gathering south of Potter Marsh for the incomming tide. Tide changes through the narrow inlet create a tidal wave 4 to 6 feet high that they can ride in the fridged water for almost 2 miles -- if they don't fall.

Tomorrow we perform a mountain top rescue (Flattop Mountain) where a rescue helicopter is scheduled to land at 7:00 PM our time. I am hoping to get some good photos (if I can make the hike).